Instalment Payment Plan
As a travel buyer for the itinerary below I agree to make instalment payment toward this travel arrangement and will make the final
payment no later done 15 business days before my initial travel or my reservation will be cancel and I my lose the cancellation fee which
is set fore in my travel itinerary.
Itinerary                           Total Price:                      Date last Payment must be received:                 
Name of Traveller
Date of Birth for Child
Departure Date
Return Date
Departure City
Return City
Date of Payment
Client Initials
Date of Payment
Client Initials
By signing here I agree that I do want my Travel Agent to issue my ticket/package at the time of
signing and lock in my ticket/package price.
A cancellation fee of $______ plus
$50  administration fee per person, making it a total of $_________
will be deducted from my deposit if I should cancel.  
With my signature my agent will issue my ticket/package at the total cost of $_______________.  I
agree that my failure to make the total payment by the final date of ____/____/______, will constitute a
cancellation on my part and therefore will be subject to the cancellation terms.

Client Signature:___________________________________  Date: _______________
By signing here I agree that I do not want my agent to issue my package at this time until I have made
full payment.  I understand that prices may change and at the time of my last payment, my agent will
give me the current fare quote and will book the current fare quote for me.
will not be charge a cancellation fee if I cancel my purchase of this travel services, but will be
charge for the $50 administration fee per person.

Client Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ________________