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Payment Plan Terms:
Payment Terms
We offer a payment plan for clients who will be traveling in at least 6
months or more.  The  travel client must agree to the following
payment plan.

Agree to make instalment payment toward the travel arrangement and
make the final payment no later done 15 business days before the
initial travel or the reservation will be cancel and they will lose the
cancellation fee which is set fore in their payment plan.
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Payment Plan Agreement One:
You will agree that you do want your Travel Agent to issue your
ticket/package at the time of signing and lock in your ticket/package price.

You understand that a  cancellation fee of $350 plus $50
administration fee per person will be deducted from your deposit if
you should cancel your reservation.

Failure to make the total payment by the final date will constitute a
cancellation on your part and therefore you will be subject to the
cancellation terms.
Payment Plan Agreement Two:
You will agree that you do not want your Travel Agent to issue your
ticket/package at the time of signing until you have made full payment.  
You understand that prices may change and at the time of your last
payment, your travel agent will give you the current fare quote and will book
the current fare quote for you.  You agree to pay any differece in price then.
will not be charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your purchase of
this travel services,
but you will be charge for the $50 administration
We have two agreements for you to consider before you sign the
payment plan