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Naomi & Kenneth Travels/NK Travel, and Travel
Discount Fare welcomes all consultants to our Independent online travel agent website.  Enjoy all the popular tour
operators at your fingertips. Book direct with top suppliers, get price quotes, availability and enjoy high commissions.

As one of our members you can download brochures, check the latest travel promotions and much more.
There is little or no pressure on you to make sales base on the
package you choose.  Commissions are paid base on the
sales you make.  Work full time, part time, or seasonal.  We provide you with all the training you need and all the
resources for you to succeed.

Read about the Independent agent program below to see if its for you.  I hope you are as excited about joining our
program as I am.
Hope to hear from you soon, and Good Luck.

Agent Enrollment Information:
After reading information below, click the printer friendly Sales Agreement to Enroll.
Please click here for our Commission, Fee and Package information.

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Don't miss the busiest travel SEASON and the opportunity to earn money with every reservation made.

Vacation Agent Membership $100                        New Travel Agent Membership $299              Additional Agent Membership$199                                       

New Gold Agent Membership $599                        New Plattinum Agent Membership $799       Entrepreneur Package $2500

2008 Renewal Membership  $100                           Couples Membership  $349                             Couples Renewal $150

Your initial Membership Participation Fee is base on the package you choose. If additional agents work with you, their
Membership Fee is $199.00 per agent. This includes the following benefits:

1. Unlimited access to NK Travel, Travel Agent Website and reservation links along with brochure and flier downloads,
plus special travel promotions.

2. Web access to sales tips, excellent for increasing agent sales, along with agent updates, travel information to all
specials, incentives and industry updates.

3. No Monthly fees to access travel agent website, unlimited use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Travel agent training, provides agents with complete knowledge of website and use of navigation links.

5. Commissions - Earn thirty to ninty Percent commission on all your reservations.  Our Independent agents earn
30% to
90% on all commissions paid by our suppliers/vendors.  You book it, your client travel, you get paid.  

Couples membership benefits. Both are registered in our system with their individual email accounts.  
One login access code will be generated for the two. Unlimited email support for the both of them.
Good Luck!

After reading information below, click the printer friendly Sales Agreement to Enroll.
1. Terms of Agreement - Sales agent agrees to act in such a capacity on behalf of the host travel agency from the date of
agreement till December 31st.  Renewal fee will be due no later than December 31st of each year regardless of date of initial

2. Membership Fee - Is base on the package you choose for the first agent & $199.00 for each additional agent. This membership
fee is subject to change. Host agency will provide a 30-day written notice to sales agent advising of any fee change.

3. Start up Fee - No start up fees or monthly service charges are required for this program, providing that the sales agent pays
annual membership fee.
(Excludes Entreprenuer Package)

4. Policies & Procedures-Sales agent must comply with the policies & procedures as indicated by NK Travel website and this

5. Commissions -The Host Travel Agency agrees to pay commission when the host travel agency receives the commission from
the supplier/vendor. The host agency will provide the sales agent with a monthly sales commission report. All commissions
between the 1st & 31st will be paid to the sales agent by the 15th of following month. The Host Travel Agency Commission
received from the supplier/vendor multiplied by the sales agent commission percentage determines the actual payment amount
to the sales agent.

You get the full commission paid by the supplier/vendor for all bookings you do for yourself, your spouse and children under
18years, less any administration expenses.

6.  The Sales Agent must submit a monthly production report at the end of each month regardless of whether a sell was made or

7.  Exclusivity -The independent sales agent is free to do business with any other travel agency. The host travel agency shall
receive all commissions from supplier/vendors, that the sales agent uses the host travel agency's identification numbers to make

8. Bypass of Host Agency - Sales agent agrees that all checks and cash are to be transacted through the host travel agency and
never directly to any supplier/vendor when using the host travel agency's identification numbers.

9.  No Entitlement - As an independent contractor and self employed individual, the sales agent has no entitlement to health
related benefits, vacation, retirement plans, sick pay or workmen's compensation.

10. NK Travel Agent Access - Sales agents have 24 hours a day 7 days a week of total access to the host agency website.

11. Agency Service Fee - Sales agent may charge service fees for issuing airline tickets. Sales agent agrees to pay for any
document delivery when applicable.

12.  Ability to Hire Additional Agents - As an independent contractor you have the right to hire any assistant or sales agents
needed(refer to additional agent fee of $199.00 per agent).

13. The Independent Contractor must provide his/her own business supplies and materials for the purpose of doing business.
The Independent Contractor shall be responsible for purchase of any and all promotional materials, such as business cards,
letterhead, and other materials needed to promote their business.

14.  The sales agent may make any and all decisions in regards to where they perform their work and or sales activity. The Host
Agency may not require the Sales Agent to perform any duties at the Host Agency's place of business.

15.  The Sales agent takes full responsibility of assumption of risk of loss in the event that his/her sales commissions do not
cover their incurred expenses.

16. Sales Agent as Independent Contractor - As sales agent and independent contractor, the host agency shall not be responsible
for payment of withholding any taxes and will issue a 1099 for each sales agent per calendar year.

17.  Errors & Omissions insurance. E & O insurance protects you against lawsuits.  It is the responsibility of the Independent
Contractor to get the errors & omissions insurance.

18. Non-Continuance of Agreement - The Host Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time with the
sales agent for unprofessional activities and violating the integrity of the host travel agency.

19. Authority to Negotiate - The host agency has the sole right to negotiate with any supplier/vendor.

20.  It is the responsibility of the Sales Agent/Independent Contractor to obtain a seller of travel license if required by his/her
State Travel/Tourism Department.  

JOIN NOW by clicking the printer friendly Sales Agreement to Apply today.

Please mail your Annual membership fee of $299.00 with your sales agreement or pay with the pay now link above.
Wishing You Much Success!
Good Luck!
Domestic Airlines
1% - 12%
International Airlines
2% - 25%
10% - 20%
Tour Packages
10% - 20%
Hotels & Car Rentals
You book a $2000.00 cruise and the commission rate from
the cruise line is
18%. The total commission earned is
$360.00. At an Independent agent commission of 30%, you
will earn
$108.00. At an Independent agent commission of
, you will earn $180.