NK Travel Independent Contractor-Sales Agreement
Completed and signed application, Agent Net Rate Ackwnoledgement and a form w-9 along with additional  
membership participation fee of $199.00 must be received in our office no later than December 31st.

Attn: NK Travel
88 Paine Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111
Phone 973-399-1959
Fax 973-351-8045
Additional Agreement can be Faxed if you are paying online!

Upon receipt of this information in our office, you will receive the breakdown of your commission percentage via email.  
Cancellation policy.  3days from date of payment full refund.  Up to 10days, 90% refund, up to 30days 70% refund.  
No refund after 30days from date of payment.

Please print this agreement, sign, date and submit with Membership fee of $199.00  to: NK Travel.

Sales agreement is hereby entered between NK Travel, referred to as the host travel agency, principal place of
business location 88 Paine Avenue, Irvington, NJ 07111, and the independent contractor indicated below, hereinafter,
known as the sales agent.

Complete the following information and submit:

Full Legal Name:        ____________________________________________

Social Security Number:              _______-______-_______

Street Address:        ____________________________________________

City     ________________________ State ________ Zip Code __________

Phone _______________________    Fax_____________________

Email Address _________________________________________

NK Travel Independent Contractor-Sales Agreement
1.         Terms of Agreement - Sales agent agrees to act in such a capacity on behalf of the host travel agency from the
date of agreement till December 31st.  Renewal fee will be due no later than December 31st of each year regardless of
date of initial agreement.

2.         Membership Fee - $199.00 for the first year.  This membership fee is subject to change. NK Travel will provide a
30-day written notice to sales agent advising of any fee change.

3.        Start up Fee - No start up fees or monthly service charges are required for this program, providing that the sales
agent pays annual membership fee.

4.        Policies & Procedures-Sales agent must comply with the policies & procedures as indicated by Naomi & Kenneth
Travels website and this agreement.

5.        Commissions - NK Travel agrees to pay commission when commission is received from the supplier/vendor.          
NK Travel will provide the sales agent with a detail sales commission report along with every commission check.

All commissions received by the end of each month will be paid to the sales agent by the 15th of following month.
NK Travel's Commission received from the supplier/vendor multiplied by the sales agent commission percentage
determines the actual payment amount to the sales agent.
The sales agent Commission Percentage shall be ___% for the term to this agreement.

You get the full commission paid by the supplier/vendor for all bookings you do for yourself, your spouse and children
under 18years, less any administration expenses.

6.        The Sales Agent must submit a monthly production report at the end of each month regardless of whether a sell
was made or not.

7.        Exclusivity -The independent sales agent is free to do business with any other travel agency. The host travel
agency shall receive all commissions from supplier/vendors, that the sales agent uses the host travel agency's
identification numbers to make reservations.

8.        Bypass of Host Agency - Sales agent agrees that all checks and cash are to be transacted through the host
travel agency and never directly to any supplier/vendor when using the host travel agency's identification numbers.

9.        No Entitlement - As an independent contractor and self employed individual, the sales agent has no entitlement
to health related benefits, vacation, retirement plans, sick pay or workmen's compensation.

10.        NK Travel Agent Access - Sales agents have 24 hours a day 7 days a week of total access to the host agency

11.        Agency Service Fee - Sales agent may charge service fees for issuing airline tickets. Sales agent agrees to pay
for any document delivery when applicable.

12.        Ability to Hire Additional Agents - As an independent contractor you have the right to hire any assistant or sales
agents needed(refer to additional agent fee of $249.00 per agent).

13.        The Independent Contractor must provide his/her own business supplies and materials for the purpose of doing
business. The Independent Contractor shall be responsible for purchase of any and all promotional materials, such as
business cards, letterhead, and other materials needed to promote their business.

14.        The sales agent may make any and all decisions in regards to where they perform their work and or sales
activity. The Host Agency may not require the Sales Agent to perform any duties at the Host Agency's place of business.

15.        The Sales agent takes full responsibility of assumption of risk of loss in the event that his/her sales commissions
do not cover their incurred expenses.

16.        Sales Agent as Independent Contractor - As sales agent and independent contractor, the host agency shall not
be responsible for payment of withholding any taxes and will issue a 1099 for each sales agent per calendar year.

17.        Errors & Omissions insurance. E & O insurance protects you against lawsuits.  It is the responsibility of the
Independent Contractor to get the errors & omissions insurance.

18.        Non-Continuance of Agreement - The Host Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any
time with the sales agent for unprofessional activities and violating the integrity of the host travel agency.

19.        Authority to Negotiate - The host agency has the sole right to negotiate with any supplier/vendor.

20.        It is the responsibility of the Sales Agent/Independent Contractor to obtain a seller of travel license if required by
his/her State Travel/Tourism Department.  
          I have read and understand the Host Travel Agency - Sales Agreement and hereby sign, date and submit
this agreement:

Full Name:  ___________________________________             Agent working with #: ___________       

Sales Agent Signature   ________________________      Date __________